There are some exciting places in Wyoming where you can grab a few drinks and dance to some thrilling numbers. From the elegant bars to the historic taverns, you’ll be presented with many choices. However, if you wish to experience the true spirit of this American state, visit its dance clubs.

These are the spots where the locals hang out and have a wonderful time. Some of them also have live entertainment for their patrons and host brilliant country music performances. Here, we present some of the best bars and dance clubs in the state:

1. Cassie’s Supper Club

People visit this club located in Cody for enjoying some flavorful steaks and western swing dancing. They also get to witness a few great bands come up with their best performances. It has a pleasing rustic ambience, friendly service, multiple bars, and a large wooden dance floor. You can also take dance lessons at this club. With such fantastic offerings, you’ll have a wonderful time dancing and having loads of fun.

2. Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

You’ll have much to explore in this happening bar located in Jackson. It is well-known as the state’s landmark watering hole. Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has the right settings for you to dance, enjoy live music, and savor some delicious drinks. Weekend nights are the best time to be at this bar.

This is when the bar comes alive with crowds of people dancing to the tunes of band music. You can also choose to relax with your favorite drink. If you’ve got plenty of time, just walk around and take a look at those vintage murals and woodwork.

3. Crown Bar

Located in Cheyenne, Crown Bar is the perfect spot for having some soothing drinks for cheap. Among the other offerings of Crown Bar are pool tables, nightclub, live bands, and darts. You’ll love the lively atmosphere and friendly service here. The live bands mostly play western country music, which you can enjoy in a laid-back environment.

4. Sundance Lounge

Sundance Lounge is located in the city of Gillette. Its patrons are all praise for its friendly and courteous staff and a laid-back atmosphere. There’s something for everyone here. You’ll have a spacious dance floor, pool, live bands, darts, and a karaoke stage. The food portions served at this place are quite generous and they have a good draft beer collection as well.

5. Saddle Lite Saloon

This would be one of the great places in Wyoming for two-step dancing or country swing. Saddle Lite Saloon is perhaps one of the most welcoming bars in Rock Springs. It has a spacious dance area and live country music entertaining the crowd. The drinks are fairly-priced and appreciated highly by the patrons of this bar.

6. Rustic Pine Tavern

Rustic Pine Tavern, located in the town of Dubois, is a historic small town country bar. It would be a perfect place for you to dance with the locals. The bar offers a good selection of liquor and the best time to savor them is the Friday Happy Hour.

If you want to know more about the area and places worth exploring, ask the bartender. Apparently, every bartender here has an excellent knowledge about Dubois and the surrounding places.

Dance Clubs and Bars Worth Exploring in Wyoming

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