Northern Wyoming Daily News: Governor candidate Throne looks for ideas, not labels

Traditionally in Wyoming, [Throne] said, voters vote for the best person, regardless of party, for governor, noting the many Democratic governors the state has elected.

Throne was also quick to point out that Wyoming has not elected back-to-back Republican governors since 1966.

“I’m not too partisan and I feel the state has become too partisan. It’s too much about what the party says and not what’s best for Wyoming,” Throne said. She said she did not fill out any Democratic Party pledges.

“I have a long history of opposing the last administration,” Throne said, specifically regarding restrictions and regulations.

“I don’t get hung up on labels. I want to know if an idea is going to work,” Throne said, regardless if it is a Republican or Democratic idea, liberal or conservative idea.

She said focusing on the idea and not who pitched the idea is how she operated as a state legislator and how she will operate if elected Wyoming’s next governor.

“I like to find solutions,” she added.