Cody Enterprise: Throne: Legislature Good Prep for Governor

"Mary Throne is no stranger to Wyoming’s No. 1 industry – energy.

The former Democratic state congresswoman and minority leader from Cheyenne worked as an attorney handling environmental regulations for energy companies.

Not to mention she grew up on a ranch in Campbell County – one of the state’s centers of energy production.

She’s running for governor, in part, to break the cycle of a state tied to energy.

“I feel like we can be more than a boom and bust state,” she said.

She said she wants to see coal and natural gas continue, but alongside renewable energies and an expanding non-energy economy so that next time prices fall, state funding doesn’t take a big dive as well.

“Now the game plan is to hunker down and wait for prices to recover,” Throne said. “That is not a plan, it’s a dream.”

She said there needs to be other industries to help keep schools well funded and other support systems in place."