Rock Springs Rocket Miner: Governor Candidate Says People Need To Come Together

"Gubernatorial candidate Mary Throne addressed K-12 education, Wyoming’s financial coffers and public lands in her visit to Rock Springs on Thursday.

She said people need to be able to talk to each other and figure out how to get things done. They need to create jobs, keep Wyoming as a nice place to live, take advantage of what the state has as well as keep its basic services.


She said it is troubling that some people are attacking education because the price of oil dropped.

“People in Cheyenne are hunkering down and waiting for the price of oil to come back,” she said. “We can’t base our future on it coming back.”

In 1889, the framers of the Wyoming Constitution felt education was important, and Throne asked, “And we can’t keep it up?”

“If we want to attractive younger families, attract business to this state, we need to have a strong K-12 system.”



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