Women's Magazine: 2018 Politicians

What are challenges you face?

“Six years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember how I felt when I got the call confirming my diagnosis. I knew immediately that it would change my life plans. I had three teenage boys, a successful legal career, I was about to be the Minority Leader in the statehouse, and I was humbled by an illness that can strike at anyone.

My father had always told me to have health insurance, no matter how healthy you are. And I'm glad I listened to him--my medical bills totaled around $500,000, and I know my family couldn't have afforded that without insurance. Knowing what I went through, and what my family went through, and how much worse it would've been without access to care--that's one of my biggest motivators for expanding Medicaid and working to lower health insurance premiums. I know what an unexpected health scare can do to a family.

I'm one of the lucky ones who survived. And I've been cancer-free for years. But it's a humbling reminder of why I'm in this race, and that the issues I'm fighting for aren't just abstract concepts--they're about solving the real challenges faced by real people.”

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