Laramie Boomerang: Gov. race sees clashes on health care, education, social issues

Gordon said he didn’t want to look at expansion and instead wanted to look at what other states, including Maine and Alaska, have done to provide health care to their uninsured. Democratic candidate Mary Throne said she wanted a real answer out of him.

“With all due respect to treasurer Gordon, you just failed to tell anyone how you will cover the Medicaid population,” said Thone, who is a supporter of Medicaid expansion. “Alaska also expanded Medicaid. So, I would ask treasurer Gordon during his 30-second rebuttal to please tell us what he’s going to do with the 20,000 people who can’t get health care in Wyoming and cost our entire system money. Maine? … Good grief. We’ve got Montana and Colorado right here in this region that have expanded Medicaid with success.”