Lovell Chronicle: Mary Throne brings governor campaign to Deaver

“We are shooting ourselves in the foot if we don’t [fund education],” Throne said. “We want our kids to be able to stay and live here and we know that quality education is one of the most important elements in building an economy. Great education attracts families. It attracts businesses.”

It’s the same kind of backwards thinking that has prevented the state from going after Medicaid expansion, she said. 

If she’s elected, Throne said, she would accept federal funding to help 20,000 people get access to Medicaid. 90 percent of the cost of expanding Medicaid would end up being paid for by Washington, Throne said. 

“20,000 people in Wyoming don’t have access to sufficient care, so whenever they get sick, they go to emergency care,” Throne said. “We’re still paying that bill. That’s what people don’t realize.”