Wyoming Tribune Eagle: (Opinion) Party that blindly ignores issues shouldn’t be followed

 I personally know that two female officers requested to meet with Mark Gordon and with Mary Throne. Of these candidates, Mary Throne was the only one that made time to address their concerns.

These individuals brought forth a variety of concerns related to the Wyoming National Guard. Two items of note were their concerns pertaining to potential abuse of taxpayer dollars. They requested a review of the number of generals overseeing the National Guard, why so many in relation to the number of soldiers and airmen. They inquired about soon-to-retire high-ranking officers attempting to convert military positions and remain as civilians. These items speak of abuse of taxpayer dollars.

I have been a conservative Republican all of my life. However, following political party lines comes with a cost. We cannot afford to blindly follow a party that openly ignores issues raised that should be reviewed.

Regardless of whether a man or a woman raised these concerns, they should be addressed. Yet somehow the issues raised by women are ignored yet again by a man.

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