Cody Enterprise: Throne: Legislature Good Prep for Governor

"Mary Throne is no stranger to Wyoming’s No. 1 industry – energy.

The former Democratic state congresswoman and minority leader from Cheyenne worked as an attorney handling environmental regulations for energy companies.

Not to mention she grew up on a ranch in Campbell County – one of the state’s centers of energy production.

She’s running for governor, in part, to break the cycle of a state tied to energy.

“I feel like we can be more than a boom and bust state,” she said.

She said she wants to see coal and natural gas continue, but alongside renewable energies and an expanding non-energy economy so that next time prices fall, state funding doesn’t take a big dive as well.

“Now the game plan is to hunker down and wait for prices to recover,” Throne said. “That is not a plan, it’s a dream.”

She said there needs to be other industries to help keep schools well funded and other support systems in place."



KGWN: Democrats Hold 2018 Laramie County Democratic Convention at LCCC

“I’ve been all over the state, and issues are really community based.  . . . [T]he big issue is protecting our communities across the state. I’m really running to end the boom-and-bust cycle, and we’re not going to do that if we’re going to do things the same old way and expect different results.”



307 Politics: Could Democrat Mary Throne maybe, possibly, be Wyoming’s next governor?

"Throne sat down with a group of reporters at the Star-Tribune last week and presented a polished argument in her favor, essentially saying that she was the only candidate unbeholden to a rigid Republican base and thus free to honestly confront the state’s volatile economy while maintaining public services."


Casper Star Tribune: Throne leads fundraising in Wyoming governor's race, though recent data is lacking

"Democrat Mary Throne leads the field of candidates to be Wyoming’s next governor in total campaign contributions . . . [and] had the most small donors"



Rock Springs Rocket Miner: Governor Candidate Says People Need To Come Together

"Gubernatorial candidate Mary Throne addressed K-12 education, Wyoming’s financial coffers and public lands in her visit to Rock Springs on Thursday.

She said people need to be able to talk to each other and figure out how to get things done. They need to create jobs, keep Wyoming as a nice place to live, take advantage of what the state has as well as keep its basic services.


She said it is troubling that some people are attacking education because the price of oil dropped.

“People in Cheyenne are hunkering down and waiting for the price of oil to come back,” she said. “We can’t base our future on it coming back.”

In 1889, the framers of the Wyoming Constitution felt education was important, and Throne asked, “And we can’t keep it up?”

“If we want to attractive younger families, attract business to this state, we need to have a strong K-12 system.”



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Laramie Boomerang: "Governor Candidate Advocates for Diversifying State Economy"

"Improving the Wyoming education system could also lure businesses to the state by providing a well educated work force. A well maintained education system could also attract more people with families to come to Wyoming, Throne said.

“If we let our K-12 system go down the tubes, which is basically what the senate was going to do in the last legislative session,” she said. “They were going to dismantle the K-12 education system that we have spent years developing and improving, then we will have young families leave the state.”



The Wyoming Business Report also has a non paywalled version at

K2 Radio: "A Conversation with Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Throne"

“We need strong leadership in the governor’s office. Leadership that really is standing up for Wyoming. Certainly the last four years I was in the legislature, I thought we were making exactly the wrong decisions as a state in a downturn. We can’t keep doing things the same way that haven’t worked in the past if you look at our history. We’ve got to try a different approach so the state can not only survive but thrive.”

“We’ve studied economic diversity in the state since I was a teenager, but we don’t implement it,”



Buffalo Bulletin: "County Democrats Hold Convention"

“It’s the communities that build the state,” Throne said. “It’s the communities that provide the services. The communities are who we are. I want to go to every town and every community and find out what’s happening there. In Buffalo, there is so much great stuff going on here. I love your Main Street. I love the energy here. I know you want your community to keep the charm that it has. You want to maintain this wonderful small-town western feel. And I think that every community has its own story to tell and every community has its own plan and that’s how Wyoming will survive.”



Sundance Times: "Throne Argues Change Is Needed"

"Throne’s candidacy is based on her strong desire to see Wyoming diversify its economy.

“The last few years I was in the legislature, I really felt like we were headed down the wrong path – making bad decisions in a downturn and making the downturn worse,” she says.

“I feel like we keep doing the same thing over and over again as a state and expecting a different result. We make ourselves a boom and bust state, and we don’t have to be.”