Rawlins Times: Mary Throne spends one of last remaining days of campaign trail in Rawlins

“I want Wyoming, from corner to corner, to fulfill its potential, and for Wyoming people to thrive,” she said. “All across the state I’ve seen incredible entrepreneurial spirit. I see it in Cheyenne, where I live; I see it in Laramie, in Riverton, in Lander, in Cody – everywhere. And we need to nurture that spirit and take advantage of everything Wyoming has to offer.”

Back at the Rotary Club Meeting, as she finished discussing politics with the members, she took one final sip of her [Wyoming brewed] ale – or, some would argue, a tasty reminder of Wyoming’s entrepreneurial spirit – and seemingly proved that her outlook of the economy’s future is a glass left half full.

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KCWY 13: Democratic gubernatorial candidate visits Casper

Throne says her record in the legislature makes her the best choice for governor.

"I got a lot of things done. I already have an established record of being able to work across the aisle. And I think it's also important to note that three of our last five governors have been Democrats,” Throne said.

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Jackson Hole News & Guide: Throne canvasses Jackson

One woman, Molly Gibbs, emphatically said she would vote for Throne.

When Throne arrived at her house, lawn signs for pretty much every Democratic candidate were stuck in the yard. Throne knocked on the door, and a voice that sounded like it said, “Come in,” sounded back. But after a long pause, during which Throne knocked again and then waited, Gibbs opened the door, smiling but on crutches, just one day out from leg surgery.

She listened to Throne’s spiel, took literature and pledged to vote for her.

“Whatever it takes, I’ll crutch myself to the polls on Tuesday,” she said.

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KCWY 13: Gubernatorial candidate Mary Throne

“In 2015, I said on the House [of Representatives] floor, ‘We make ourselves a boom and bust state by the decisions we make as leaders in Cheyenne. It is not Wyoming’s fate, or it’s destiny to be a boom and bust state. We make ourselves this way, because we think all we can be is a mineral state.’”

Throne says supporting our education system is key to ending the boom and bust cycle. She also believes attracting families to Wyoming and connecting communities through infrastructure and internet will create more opportunities for current and new residents.

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Laramie Boomerang: Gov. race sees clashes on health care, education, social issues

Gordon said he didn’t want to look at expansion and instead wanted to look at what other states, including Maine and Alaska, have done to provide health care to their uninsured. Democratic candidate Mary Throne said she wanted a real answer out of him.

“With all due respect to treasurer Gordon, you just failed to tell anyone how you will cover the Medicaid population,” said Thone, who is a supporter of Medicaid expansion. “Alaska also expanded Medicaid. So, I would ask treasurer Gordon during his 30-second rebuttal to please tell us what he’s going to do with the 20,000 people who can’t get health care in Wyoming and cost our entire system money. Maine? … Good grief. We’ve got Montana and Colorado right here in this region that have expanded Medicaid with success.”

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Pantsuit Politics: Gun Violence and Political Rhetoric in America (with Mary Throne)

Mary: “People in Wyoming appreciate honesty and they appreciate being straightforward. And that I’ve tried to emphasize. I’ve been willing to talk about our tax structure, which—you know—is ‘political suicide’ supposedly. But our last Democratic governor also talked about our tax structure, and so I think people in Wyoming prefer honesty over anything.”

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Jackson Hole News & Guide: Gordon, Throne agree on energy, griz hunt

Throne said that whenever members of her party argue against “dirty fossil fuels,” she fights back for Wyoming’s legacy industries. A natural resources lawyer, she too thinks the state’s carbon producers can mesh with the era of climate change.

“But we will not promote those commodities by denying the scientific consensus,” she said. “That puts us in a weaker position. We have to look for opportunities for those fuels.”

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WyoFile: Wyoming governor hopefuls don’t pull punches

Throne is one of 16 women running for governor in the U.S., including four incumbents seeking re-election. Some political pundits believe they are poised to take several contests.

Could Throne be one of them? Much depends on whether conservative voters who supported Gordon’s more extreme opponents in the Republican primary — Foster Friess, Harriet Hageman, Sam Galeotos and Taylor Haynes — hold grudges against the winner. Many believe Democrats switching party affiliations to the GOP for the primary propelled Gordon to victory.

It’s exciting to think Wyoming could have its first woman governor since Nellie Tayloe Ross served in 1925-27. If it does happen, it’s because Throne worked hard to reach voters around the state and has outshone other candidates in debates through her solid preparation.

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Casper Star-Tribune: With election nearing, governor candidates jockeyed for center stage in Thursday's debate

“Mark Gordon on a lot of issues doesn’t have serious or detailed plans,” Herdman said. “On education, he had 24 hours to think about this answer, and to not talk about specifics when the word ‘specific’ is mentioned three times in the question is interesting. And then, to say later in the debate we need to fund pre-K expansion … that’s a serious issue.”

Similarly, Dan Neal — a longtime Wyoming journalist who has run for elected office as a Democrat in the past — said he didn’t hear Gordon take advantage of opportunities to make distinctions between himself and Throne, and that he could have been “more interactive” about answering questions. Other answers he gave, like a brief answer where he said “he didn’t like taxes,” also raised some concern.

FULL STORY at https://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/with-election-nearing-governor-candidates-jockeyed-for-center-stage-in/article_13aeddce-8331-5774-978b-5a3069a89580.html

AP News: Wyoming’s fiscal woes dominate governor candidates’ debate

Throne and Gordon also disagreed about expanding Medicaid. Gordon reiterated widespread concern among Republicans that Medicaid costs now borne by the federal government could eventually become a burden for states.

“The big thing about Medicaid expansion that concerns me is: Can Wyoming afford it? Especially over time,” Gordon said.

Expanding Medicaid like neighboring Montana is “an easy way to get health care to 20,000 of our neighbors,” said Throne, a natural resources attorney and former Wyoming House minority leader from Cheyenne.

“I am really frustrated that Mark continues to say he has a solution for this population when he has none. Of course we can afford it. We take $2 billion in federal money with assorted matches, we can do the same with Medicaid,” Throne added.

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Tri-State Livestock News: Q&A: Mary Throne

What are some of the solutions you see to the challenges in Wyoming agriculture today?

“Agriculture remains an important sector in Wyoming's economy. We need to look for new opportunities for our agricultural products, including economic development efforts to create a Wyoming brand for beef. I will continue efforts to get a USDA certified plant in Wyoming. I see an entrepreneurial spirit in ag across the state, which needs to be nurtured. Improving technology, broadband and internet access to our rural communities will also help our ag communities take advantage of new opportunities. Repairing Wyoming's broken healthcare system will also help support our ag communities.”

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Lovell Chronicle: Mary Throne brings governor campaign to Deaver

“We are shooting ourselves in the foot if we don’t [fund education],” Throne said. “We want our kids to be able to stay and live here and we know that quality education is one of the most important elements in building an economy. Great education attracts families. It attracts businesses.”

It’s the same kind of backwards thinking that has prevented the state from going after Medicaid expansion, she said. 

If she’s elected, Throne said, she would accept federal funding to help 20,000 people get access to Medicaid. 90 percent of the cost of expanding Medicaid would end up being paid for by Washington, Throne said. 

“20,000 people in Wyoming don’t have access to sufficient care, so whenever they get sick, they go to emergency care,” Throne said. “We’re still paying that bill. That’s what people don’t realize.”

FULL STORY at https://www.lovellchronicle.com/2018/10/mary-throne-brings-governor-campaign-to-deaver/

KGWN: Governor Candidate Overview for Mary Throne

If elected for Wyoming's governor, Mary Throne has a main priority. She explains, "My main overriding goal is to break Wyoming out of the boom and bust cycle. Until we solve that problem it’s really hard to do anything else."

Throne also wants to focus on education in Wyoming, stating, "I think we know what the best practices are. We have an accountability system where we need to make sure we’re providing communities with the support they need. We need to make sure we have the appropriate services available."

FULL VIDEO at https://www.kgwn.tv/content/news/Governor-Candidate-Overview-for-Mary-Throne--497881631.html

Wyoming Tribune Eagle: (Opinion) Party that blindly ignores issues shouldn’t be followed

 I personally know that two female officers requested to meet with Mark Gordon and with Mary Throne. Of these candidates, Mary Throne was the only one that made time to address their concerns.

These individuals brought forth a variety of concerns related to the Wyoming National Guard. Two items of note were their concerns pertaining to potential abuse of taxpayer dollars. They requested a review of the number of generals overseeing the National Guard, why so many in relation to the number of soldiers and airmen. They inquired about soon-to-retire high-ranking officers attempting to convert military positions and remain as civilians. These items speak of abuse of taxpayer dollars.

I have been a conservative Republican all of my life. However, following political party lines comes with a cost. We cannot afford to blindly follow a party that openly ignores issues raised that should be reviewed.

Regardless of whether a man or a woman raised these concerns, they should be addressed. Yet somehow the issues raised by women are ignored yet again by a man.

FULL STORY at https://www.wyomingnews.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/party-that-blindly-ignores-issues-shouldn-t-be-followed/article_ab463066-cf77-11e8-b6a9-c322e5ed69ee.html

Sheridan Press: State candidates appeal to voters in Chamber forum

Throne has made economic diversification central to her candidacy; in her statement, she wrote that mitigating Wyoming’s boom and bust cycles will require broad community input as well as an infusion of new ideas.

Throne has been outspoken about the need to address the state’s tax structure in order to benefit from a diversified economy and has committed to addressing some of the structural challenges to Wyoming’s economy. She advocated building broad coalitions to address economic challenges in the state.

FULL STORY at https://thesheridanpress.com/95980/state-candidates-appeal-to-voters-in-chamber-forum/

Laramie Boomerang: Throne wants to see Laramie’s ‘energy’ across state

Gubernatorial candidate Mary Throne does not like labels. Running as a Democrat, she said she wants to try to tackle Wyoming’s challenges – including public land usage, education funding and building the economy – using good ideas, no matter which side of the aisle they come from. Wyoming has a long history of voting for the person, not the party, Throne said, but she wants to make sure it stays that way.

FULL STORY at http://www.laramieboomerang.com/news/local_news/throne-wants-to-see-laramie-s-energy-across-state/article_b504af3a-2369-5080-8f99-55d3bc2bff8d.html

County 17: Candidates Talk Issues At Chamber Luncheon

Democratic candidate Mary Throne began by talking about her family’s homesteading roots in Campbell County. She is still a land and mineral owner in the county, she said.

She also dispelled any notion that she is not supportive of the energy industry.

“I’m an energy person to my core,” she said.

She recounted how in the 1980s bust, the bank where she held an account went bankrupt. It was a depressing time, she said. As governor, she stated she would work to get Wyoming out of its “boom and bust” cycle.

FULL STORY at https://county17.com/2018/10/10/candidates-talk-issues-at-chamber-luncheon/

Casper Star-Tribune: Four takeaways from the governor’s debate in Cheyenne

Throne did, however, grill Gordon on several areas of his proposals, including how he would fund anticipated shortfalls in the state’s education budget and what areas of government he would specifically cut, saying that additional cuts would actually cause the state to lose money long-term. To drive this home, Throne noted the turnover rate for school employees is approaching 17 percent and governmental turnover can cost $23 million annually.

FULL STORY at https://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/four-takeaways-from-the-governor-s-debate-in-cheyenne/article_eeabf4cc-f194-50ea-9608-97507b0797c8.html

Women's Magazine: 2018 Politicians

What are challenges you face?

“Six years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember how I felt when I got the call confirming my diagnosis. I knew immediately that it would change my life plans. I had three teenage boys, a successful legal career, I was about to be the Minority Leader in the statehouse, and I was humbled by an illness that can strike at anyone.

My father had always told me to have health insurance, no matter how healthy you are. And I'm glad I listened to him--my medical bills totaled around $500,000, and I know my family couldn't have afforded that without insurance. Knowing what I went through, and what my family went through, and how much worse it would've been without access to care--that's one of my biggest motivators for expanding Medicaid and working to lower health insurance premiums. I know what an unexpected health scare can do to a family.

I'm one of the lucky ones who survived. And I've been cancer-free for years. But it's a humbling reminder of why I'm in this race, and that the issues I'm fighting for aren't just abstract concepts--they're about solving the real challenges faced by real people.”

FULL STORY at https://www.womensmagazine.net/marythrone